Back when Deepak Chopra was still working as a physician, he had a patient come into his office one day who was suffering from heart disease. For some reason, Chopra felt compelled to ask this man why he wanted to get better. After looking at the doctor like he was crazy, the patient said he wanted to get better so he could go back to work and make money. Again, Chopra asked why. The patient said he wanted the money to send his son to a good school. Again and again, after each answer, Chopra asked why—until the patient finally said, “Because I want to be happy.”

As Chopra explains in Power, Freedom and Grace, he began playing this game with other patients, and he found that eventually they all reached the same conclusion: In the end, they wanted whatever it was that they wanted so they could be happy.

“Happiness seems to be the goal of all other goals,” he concludes, “and yet most people seek happiness in a roundabout way.”

Since being happy is the goal of all goals, why wait? Why take the long way ’round to happiness? Let’s cut to the chase and get happy now.

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