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It’s pretty miraculous, really—especially when you consider that our bodies came into being without our conscious assistance. Not a single human had to manage the growth process inside our mother’s wombs.

Our bodies are also incredibly wise. They came into this world knowing how to take in air and food and water, and how to release toxins and waste. It’s only when our minds get in the way— when we obsess over what to eat or what not to eat, or when we obsess over unrelated matters, like love and money and life– that our bodies begin to manifest the signs of our dis-ease.

Fortunately, we can change our minds at any time, and by changing our minds, we can allow health and well-being back into our bodies.

By Laura Levesque Page

The nerve specialist leans forward to examine my atrophied, pencil-thin left arm. He gently says, “Now lie still. This might hurt.”

He inserts long, silver needles into the left side of my neck and shoulder. The dial on the barometer jumps and dances quietly. I muffle my cries of pain by biting into my right fist.

“Only a few more minutes now,” he says. “Don’t move. I need you to be perfectly still to chart the activity of your nerves.”

About one month ago, I had cancer surgery. The large sarcoma tumor that lay in my right chest wall, suffocating my right lung and growing tentacles around my ribs, was removed. Two days later, my left deltoid seized up in spasms from a morphine injection. This resulted in the paralysis of my left arm.

After what seems to be a long time, the doctor says, “Well, the nerve has definitely been cut, and it is very unlikely that it will ever reconnect. You have wasting of the deltoid muscle and the supra- and infraspinatus muscles of the scapula. I’m sorry, but you will never regain the use of your left arm.”

If you’ve been wanting something for a long time and you’re wondering why it hasn’t shown up in your life yet, odds are you’re blocking its manifestation. Obviously, you’re not alone in doing this. We all do it in one area of our lives or another. So, to break through the barriers and speed up the manifestation process for all of us, we’ve tapped the wisdom of 10 amazing Law of Attraction experts.

By Dr. Alexandra Gayek

Are those allergies something other than too much pollen, dust, and animal dander?

Is that chronic back pain something more than strained muscles or ligaments, intervertebral disc degeneration, or osteoarthritis?

Is that irritable bowel something besides food sensitivities?

Could it be that your body is telling you something about your life being out of balance?

What I’ve found in 15 years of medical practice is that usually this kind of question only comes up when your body isn’t responding to the treatment your doctor recommends, or that treatment is too expensive or has unwanted side effects.

After all, who wouldn’t want to just feel better the quickest way possible, if there’s an easy treatment?

But what if you’ve got symptoms that don’t fit a recognized diagnosis, or there isn’t any recognized treatment for your condition, or the treatment only seems to be barely holding off your symptoms and not really curing you? Maybe you’re just sick and tired of having to take medicine.

It might be time to look at what else could be going on. What is your body telling you about the underlying problem?

The good news is, you have all the answers you need inside of you.